Thanks for your kind words. The lockdown to arrest transmission was absolutely necessary exactly because we need to build resistance and expand the infrastructure for testing and treatment. There are initiatives being undertaken at the state level to ramp up facilities. For example, in West Bengal a sports stadium has been converted to a quarantine centre overnight.

Members of student organizations from Jadavpur University and other institutions are following WHO guidelines to make masks and sanitizers. Probably small steps towards meeting the demand supply gap, but seems like initiatives are being taken at the grassroots level. India’s solution will not be the same as any other country and we have to remember that this fight needs people, government, private sector, scientists and experts to join hands and work with united resolve. More than ever, we need to support our community to get through this period and protect those who are around us. In addition to the government subsidy and support, public have a strong role to play here. A country after all is defined by its people.

An interdisciplinary group of scholars and data scientists who use of data and modeling to generate timely reports and recommendations about COVID-19 in India

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